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What Happened to 2019.2.1?


As a Salt user, if you’ve been keeping Salt up to date, you may have installed 2019.2.1. If you went to install Salt again on October 10, 2019, you may have been surprised by your package manager telling you that version 2019.2.1 does not exist, especially if you had automated the process.


Despite our best efforts to warn affected users against a known event_return issue, we still had community members encounter that problem. Additionally, there were other high severity issues that were not caught by any of our testing phases. These caused members of our community several problems. Those reported issues have been fixed (with regression tests!) in 2019.2.2. However, we uncovered another serious performance issue present in 2019.2.1. Rather than release 2019.2.2, we decided to delay that release so we could resolve all known issues and provide a release we were confident in.


Since we were not able to provide a stable 2019.2.2 release, we decided on the morning of October 10, 2019 to remove the 2019.2.1 release to prevent more of our community from being impacted. 


We made a mistake

We thought that we were aware of the problems that our community faced, and we made a decision based on that understanding. But we failed to adequately communicate our plans and our timing, which just caused you other issues.


We’re sorry

We should have done better. As stewards of the Salt project, our community relies on our dependability. Making this abrupt change broke many of your processes. As a project designed to make life in Ops better, the last thing we want to do is cause you more problems.


What we’re doing now

We are restoring the 2019.2.1 release to our archive. The issues in 2019.2.1 are acceptable for some of you. However ,2019.2.1 is too unstable for general use. We will keep latest pointing at the 2019.2.0 release. If you would like to continue using 2019.2.1, go to, scroll down, and select your operating system. Follow the instructions for “Pin to Minor Release”. If you pin the minor release, in order to upgrade to 2019.2.2 when it is released, you’ll need to reconfigure your package manager again.


We will do better

Next, we will be conducting a root cause analysis in order to figure out how and why we made this mistake. We will determine what changes we need to make as an organization to prevent this kind of mistake from happening again. We will publish our findings so that you will understand what to expect.


We appreciate you

We have an amazing community and we greatly appreciate how quickly you gave us feedback. You reported our mistake immediately, which allowed us to quickly make the necessary changes to fix the problem. We are also taking steps to make sure we don’t make these kinds of mistakes again.


We want to thank you as a member of the Salt community, the best community out there. We are sorry for adding to your fire, and will do our best to regain your trust.

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