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Disconnecting a master from raas

Your master may have issues attempting to connect to the SSE server. This may create any number of issues, such as not displaying command results while using the CLI. 

If you are having issues with the master and want to make sure that the problem is not the master's connection to SSE, try the folloiwng:

Disable raas:

  1. Rename /etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf to /etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf.bak
  2. Restart the master
  3. Wait for five minutes
  4. Try your CLI command again

If your command works, the issue is the connection between the master and the SSE server. Read the logs at /var/log/salt/master on the master. and /var/log/raas/raas on the SSE server. For example, you may find that a firewall is in the way.

To restore the master connection:

Restore raas:

  1. Rename /etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf.bak to /etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf
  2. Restart the master
  3. wait 5 minutes
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