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Linking an Enterprise Support ticket to a Git-Issue

SaltStack strongly encourages our Enterprise Customers to be part of the open source development process by opening Git-issues and committing code.

By participating in the Git process, you directly affect the way Salt Open and SaltStack Enterprise are developed within the community. Many eyes; best code.

Even if you're used to simply opening an issue in the open source project, we ask you to open an Enterprise ticket to reference the Git-Issue under discussion.

By cross referencing your Enterprise ticket with the Git-Issue, the support, developement & teams are able to give the Git-Issue a higher priority,

Once an Enterprise Customer has opened an Enterprise ticket that references the Git-Issue, the SaltStack support team with apply the “ZD” Git Label to the Git-Issue, along with the Enterprise ticket number, to improve issue prioritization. Once linked, your ticket will be tracked in both Git and the SaltStack Enterprise.


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