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Resetting SSE root user password from the CLI

Here are instructions to to reset the password on your SaltStack Enterprise (SSE) Console in the event that you find yourself locked out of SSE.

Below is the command that will reset your password. Before running the command below,  you will need follow the steps below to prepare the system for the command.

  • Either comment out the following line in your `/etc/raas/raas` file, or set it to False instead of True: `tornado_xsrf_cookies_enabled: True`;
  • Restart the `raas` service: `systemctl restart raas`;
  • The command below is assuming `HTTPS`. Change to `HTTP` if you are not using `SSL`;
  • You will need to know your current SSE `root` user password. So if you are not sure what you changed it to, this command won't be of help and you'll need to start over and install from scratch.
  • Run the command on your local SSE `eAPI` server from the CLI;
  • When the command has run, there will be no indication that it was successful. You'll be dropped back to the command prompt. If there was a problem you'll get an error, probably a 403. If this happens re-evaluate the command and try different, current passwords for the `root` user.

The Password Reset Command

curl -sku root:<currentpassword> https://localhost/auth/user/internal/root -X PUT --data '{
"config_name": "internal", "username": "root", "password": "<newpassword>”}’`

If you have any questions or comments, please open a Support ticket.

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