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SaltStack Support

How to manage a Git issue with an Enterprise support ticket

SaltStack strongly encourages our Enterprise customers to be part of the open source development process by opening Git-Issues and committing code.

By participating in the Git process, you directly affect the way Salt Open and Enterprise are developed at its open source roots.

Please Note: As an Enterprise customer, you choose to engage in the open source process. We ask that you open an Enterprise support ticket that references the Git-Issue under discussion.

By opening an Enterprise support ticket cross referencing the Git-Issue, you will receive a higher priority from the Salt Support, Development & Product Management teams, rather than letting organic forces be the sole driver of bugs or feature requests that affect you or your company.

Once an Enterprise customer has opened an Enterprise support ticket that references the Git-Issue, the Salt support team will apply the “ZD” Git Label to the Git-Issue, along with the Enterprise ticket number. Once done, the issue will be tracked in both Git and Enterprise support.