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Why are AIX and Solaris minions only supported in SaltStack Enterprise?

SaltStack has classified AIX and Solaris minions as "Enterprise Minions." As a result, SaltStack requires an Enterprise license subscription to access the installation packages for those platforms.


Why do the freely available Linux minions have more operational modules than the Enterprise minions that require Enterprise licensing?


AIX and Solaris minions are classified as Enterprise offerings because:

  1. The skills and knowledge to develop modules on these Operating Systems are less prevalent within the Open Source Community, and
  2. Specialized hardware and software are required to test and maintain these modules.

In both cases, SaltStack deploys its skilled developers and resources to build and maintain these Enterprise modules. This ensures that AIX and Solaris minions are developed, tested and maintained for use in SaltStack Enterprise, and in accordance with the best practices of the respective platforms.

Although these Enterprise Minions do not currently have parity with the Linux minions, SaltStack is always working to improve, enhance, and evolve the module base for Enterprise Minions. SaltStack will continue to create and update modules for future SaltStack Enterprise releases.

New feature requests for modules are welcome and evaluated according their relevance to customer needs.

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