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SaltStack Enterprise 5.3 - Released (Jan-30-2018)

SaltStack Enterprise 5.3 was released Jan 30, 2018.

The following link will provide the latest installation instructions for the most current release of SaltStack Enterprise:

Enterprise Installation: Overview

Evaluation Period is 14 Days

SaltStack Enterprise (SSE) has a native licensing mechanism.

An installation of SSE without a License Key-File (LKF) is an Evaluation-Installation. The evaluation period of SSE without a LKF is 14 days.

At day 14, an installation of SSE that does not have a LKF applied to it will stop running.

Upon the application of a LKF to an Evaluation-Installation of SSE, the configured Evaluation-Installation will resume operation as a Licensed instance of SSE for the period defined in the LKF.

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