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Downgrade SSE to a Previous Release

Downgrade SSE to a Previous Version

A general guide for downgrading SSE


This process is only valid if you have a known good backup from the target version you would like to downgrade to. 


  • Valid database backup for the target version

  • Working knowledge of using SSH

  • Working knowledge of using YUM and RPM to manage packages

  • Packages for the manual installation of RaaS

    • At the time of writing SaltStack only has packages available back to SSE 5.5 available for download. 


Process Outline

The downgrade process may be summarized simply by the following steps:


  1. Disconnect the Salt masters from RaaS during the upgrade process either by stopping the Salt masters, or renaming /etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf and restarting the master.

  2. Stop the RaaS daemon

    1. Depending on the installed version, you may also want to stop Redis, although this is not critical.

  3. Create a backup of the current RaaS Configuration directory

    1. This should contain the entire contents of /etc/raas as there are important hidden files

  4. Uninstall the RaaS rpm

    1. Depending on the target version you may also uninstall Redis

    2. Depending on your package manager, this step will remove the /etc/raas directory

  5. Drop the existing database in Postgresql

    1. It may be recommended to take another database backup before downgrading as a precaution although this should not be necessary

  6. Import the database backup that matches the desired target version of RaaS

  7. Install the RaaS RPM

  8. Configure the RaaS daemon

    1. You should be able to restore the directory contents from the backup created in a previous step

  9. Start the RaaS daemon and verify functionality

    1. Login to the UI and verify that you are able to do simple tasks such as add a user, create a job, etc.

  10. Now on the Salt masters you need to uninstall the current version of the master plugin.

    1. It is recommended to stop the Salt master before doing this

  11. Install the version of the master plugin that matches your now running version of RaaS.

    1. You will need to regenerate a new eAPIMasterPaths.conf file since the paths for the master plugin will have changed.

    2. Use sseapi-config --ext-modules > /etc/salt/master.d/eAPIMasterPaths.conf to generate the new master paths file.

These generic steps provide the basic overview for downgrading. For more information on any of these particular steps, please email

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