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Updating License Key for SaltStack Enterprise

From time to time, it may be necessary to update your license in SaltStack Enterprise or to upgrade your license from a trial license to a full license. The steps are the same for each.

First you will need to receive your updated license from Support. If you have not received your new license, please open a ticket by emailing SaltStack Support at, or login to the Support Portal at Your license will be emailed to you as a ZIP archive.

  1. Extract the raas.license file from ZIP archive.
  2. Upload the extracted raas.license to your SaltStack Enterprise server using rsync, scp, or other file copy tool.
  3. Make a backup of the old license key file in etc/raas/raas.license for your records.
  4. Place the file in the /etc/raas directory. Note that this will overwrite any existing license file.
  5. If you are using SaltStack Enterprise 6.0 or later you will need to make sure the file is owned by the user and group raas with the following command:
    chown raas:raas /etc/raas/raas.license
  6. For security, you may also need to modify permissions on the file:
    chmod 640 /etc/raas/raas.license
  7. Stop and start the raas daemon:
    1. systemctl stop raas
    2. systemctl start raas
  8. Check in /var/log/raas/raas for any startup issues, or use the following command:
    systemctl status raas

If there is an issue with the license this should be logged to /var/log/raas/raas. You should check the log file to ensure the RaaS daemon. If you continue to experience issues with your license, please contact SaltStack Support immediately.

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