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Error: "Master not Reachable"

When attempting to add a Master with Web Console, you receive the error: "Master not Reachable"


  • The Web Console has been set up as detailed in “saltstack_sso_v1_install.pdf”.
  • Changes to the Targeted-salt-master have been made, as detailed in the Console-Installation document (“saltstack_sso_v1_install.pdf”).
  • However when you attempt to add the master I get the error "Master not Reachable".


  • Make sure the master can be reached by the name or IP (independent of salt using an ICMP ping).
  • Confirm that when filling out the web form to add a master on the Web-Console, the User you are entering is both a system user on the Targeted-Master AND has been entered as as eauth section of the master cfg file on the Targeted-Master /etc/salt/master.
  • Ensure that the firewall ports are open on the master and GUI installation location.

See Salt Docs: How to open your firewall ports for Salt

Note: In order for the Targeted-Salt-Master and the Web-Console to talk, the salt-api and salt-master must both be running on the Targeted-Master.

Additional troubleshooting steps: 

  • Review your setting: On the Targeted-Master that you are trying to connect, double check that the settings in the master has the right settings in master conf.
  port: 8000
  debug: False
  disable_ssl: False
  ssl_crt: '/etc/pki/salt_api/certs/localhost.crt'
  ssl_key: '/etc/pki/salt_api/certs/localhost.key'
  • (On the Targeted-Master that you are trying to connect), Ensure that salt-api & salt-master is loaded with `ps ax | grep salt`.
  • (On the Targeted-Master that you are trying to connect), Ensure that the correct version of cherrypy is being used with `pip list`. If the version is not 'CherryPy (3.2.3)’, the master will not talk.

CherryPy Remediation - Not correct Version -- RedHat / CentOS


If the Master you are attempting to add is RedHat or CentOS,

it is highly probable that the RH has installed a version of CherryPy that is not compatible with the Salt Web-Console.

  • CherryPy needs to be at version: 3.2.3

How to Check & What to do:

  • rpm -qa | grep -i cherrypy
  •  If necessary, uninstall: rpm -e (the result of the rpm -qa above)
  • Install the correct CherryPy with: pip install CherryPy==3.2.3

    Full Level Set - Troubleshooting: Adding-Master

On the Web-Console

  • Log out of the the Web-Console
  • Refresh your browser

Restart all Salt Services on Targeted Master

(If running RedHat/CentOS)

  • Stop Salt services:
/bin/systemctl stop salt-api.service
/bin/systemctl stop salt-minion.service
/bin/systemctl stop salt-master.service
  • Start Salt services:
/bin/systemctl start salt-master.service
/bin/systemctl start salt-minion.service
/bin/systemctl start salt-api.service

Restart all Salt Services on Web Console

  • Stop Salt services:
service sso_session stop
service sso_gunicorn stop
service nginx stop
service mysqll stop
  • Start Salt services:
service mysql start
service nginx start
service sso_gunicorn start
service sso_session start

Login & Add Master on Web Console

  • Login to the Web-Console
  • Attempt to add the targeted Master

If the the targeted Master still cannot be added to the Web Console, please forward the error message you receive at the Web Console.

The next step (If Level-Set fails)

On the Targeted-Master

  • Open a terminal
  • Stop salt-api: /bin/systemctl stop salt-api.service
  • Start salt-api in debug mode: salt-api -l debug
  • Leave the terminal open

Attempt to Add Targeted Master on Web Console

  • Attempt to add the master

Watch and report results of the debug terminal on the Targeted-Master and the Web-Console.

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