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Password Changes on Enterprise Salt - Root & Other Passwords

Changing Enterprise Root Passwords:

Changing the root password of Enterprise 5.0 is a two step process. The second step is a manual step.

  • The first step is to change the PW in the Console UI interface.
  • The second step is a manual step done on the `/etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf` file on each eAPI master in use. Go to the `/etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf` file and change the `sseapi_password:` setting to the PW used in the first step. This setting is found in the following section of the `/etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf` file:
sseapi_username: root
sseapi_password: salt
sseapi_validate_cert: False

Changing Secondary Passwords:

To change passwords for any users in the Enterprise system other than the native Root-PW (sseapi_password ), this is an intuitive one step change in the Enterprise Console UI. For all password other that the Enterprise-Root-PW, once you have made the change in the Enterprise Console UI, the change is in effect. No other step are required.

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